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the eyes of the world

The world offers us a glimpse of infinite possibilities, whether you choose to experience it is up to you.


After a recent California fire, Shana created an art piece that resonates within us all. On that day the weather kept changing. It continued to rain as the sun peeked through the dark clouds, yet still Shana and the universe began to create as one. As we are able to see more beauty when we are open to receiving it around us, she was able to see the bursts of life blooming amongst all the blackened destruction. 


When you look through a window, it’s as though you’re seeing the eyes of the world through a looking glass, and it suddenly comes to life in vivid color. The transparency of the glass symbolizes stepping into our own subconscious and allowing ourselves to trust who we are in all our magnificent entirety, by accepting all the parts of our inner selves that are not attainable when we choose to stay in denial and keep them locked away. 


There’s a reason for the artistical metaphor about looking through a piece of glass.


What life looks like on one side is the image we allow others to see, the one we project to be real. But on the other side of the glass is our true reality, it’s the raw and unfiltered version of ourselves that make us who we are when others aren’t looking. It’s those broken pieces within us that exude our emotions in all their complexities. 


But the beauty comes when we allow ourselves to accept who we are on both sides of that glass, when we’re able to appreciate the beauty of the world despite the flaws and smudges we leave behind with our fingerprints.   

Coming soon... 

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