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Shana Johnson masters an extraordinary way of listening to the natural elements around her and serves as a conduit that allows nature and energy to speak through her divine artistic process. 


With healing as her mediums driving force, Shana transforms energy through color and movements touching everything she paints, becoming one with her art in an extraordinary symphony of love and creation.


Her rare gift to communicate 

Shana’s powerful connection with nature allows her to listen, and pray on the energy of her subjects. Shana becomes a conduit as all of the natural elements guide her. Depending on the day her subjects may be trees, mountains, clouds, sun or a person working their way through difficult emotions. 


Shana immerses herself in the moment of each experience allowing the life force she is making a connection with to share its powerful message through her fingertips and paints. Unpredictable beauty reveals itself as powerful intelligence emerges. An explosion of colors, textures and strokes are translating emotion to canvas delivering healing, transformation, freedom, life and love. 


Communities discover what may have appeared dead or wounded is recovering and alive. Individuals experience hope in stories they once defined as hopeless. The kitten conjures the lion within and this powerful process is a journey that awakens a force of nature.

symphony 333

Performance Art

Shana is a fascinating painter to watch. Large scale paintings with an audience is one of her passions. Her work comes to life with her audience, as they become part of the process. She thrives on collective energy and creating magic.


  • 2013 - ‘Shana Johnson, One Man Show’ Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, California, USA

  • 2014 - 'In The Flesh’ Crowded House Art, California, USA

  • 2015 - ‘Opening of Rebecca Fine Art Gallery' Studio 714, California, USA

  • 2017 - ‘The Child Mind’ Painting with the Public' Kings Cross Construction Center, London, UK

  • 2017 - 'UAL: Creative Debuts’ The Black and White Building, London, UK

  • 2018 - ‘BA Fine Art Degree Show’ Central Saint Martins, London, UK

  • 2019 - 'Painting with Prana' Buen Camino Yoga, Casa De Luz, Texas, USA

Her Story

In her early twenties, Shana experienced her own transformative event.  The former Miss Palm Springs who was also working as a successful make up artist was involved in a tragic car accident. Following the crash Shana was debilitated, depressed and isolating herself. It would seem her life that had once been personally and professionally focused on outer beauty was no longer her destiny. Finally one day like a Phoenix Rising, Shana was compelled to serve her greater purpose. In a room of bare walls and buckets of paints a very sad girl began throwing paints on the walls. Dipping her hands in colors and touching the walls. 

Splashing the room with complete splendor as she restored her heart. Allowing the paints to lead her on a path of revival. Days later she sat in the room awestruck. Surrounded by extraordinary colors and magic covering the walls, speaking their own language of survival.

Like a Phoenix, an artist rose from the ashes.


Shana is a graduate of world-renowned, Central Saint Martin’s Art and Design College in London. Known for its diverse range of creative practices, past and present students have helped shape the world. 


Shana visits areas of California’s wildlife that have been destroyed on fires. In the aftermath of destruction, death and despair, she paints. In the center of the forest she calls the birds and trees and all of the beauty to surround her and speak messages of healing and hope through her paintings. These paintings serve as powerful examples of survival for communities who have been hurt and are working to be restored.


Audiences are captivated in the process of art coming to life before their eyes. Shana enjoys making films that are based on the transformative energy that takes place on camera as a canvas manifests the magic of energy and color in natural environments. Capturing the process is a fascinating experience. 


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  • 2019 - 'Local woman shares her story of how a tragic crash helped her find her hidden talent', CBS Austin.

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