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The Process


The beauty of life that surrounds us leads to a discovery of the beauty within. -Shana Johnson


Nothing can evoke one’s artistic sensibilities quite like a self awakening.  Releasing feelings of dark and lonely sadness leads to an appreciation for the beauty it can create. Having experienced those darkest hours of life herself, when she felt powerless and afraid, Shana leads her clients through their own personal journeys to finding their light. And there they discover a newfound faith in themselves, sense of mindfulness and strengthened connection to nature.  

For Shana, the creative process is one that comes from deep within. As she layers each canvas with intense color and texture, she climbs into her client’s psyche and tells their tales of sadness and grief. Before her fingers touch the canvas, she meditates and prays for a vision of what she has been called to create. As if guided along a roadmap, Shana focuses on one area at a time as she creates layers of texture and color until the entire narrative has played out. 


“So much emotion and feeling comes out through the process, it’s as though I’m retelling my client’s story with paint,” she says. “Each piece becomes its own performance painting.” 


Just as an artist recreates emotion through color, they also evoke the magical powers of healing and tranquility. Shana’s talent reaches those quiet hidden places that help guide her clients back into sovereignty and stillness.


For Shana, her art is not just about creating, it’s about her ability to sense others state of being. Through her own experiences of sadness, personal spirituality, appreciation for mother nature, and by having absolute blind faith in the art process, Shana is able to create a masterpiece that purely resonates with each client. Whether that be a person, family, or an entire community.  


“I believe the work I do can change the world,” she says. And for many, it already has.

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